Equipment introduction


■Divides the dough accurately to produce the perfect rounded bread.

It is made from a Single Dough Divider and Punch Rounder.
<Single dough divider> is the new type that adjusts the width and weight of the dough using a feedback system for any type of dough.
o Round shapes are easily made without flour.
o Compared to the previous model, the weight accuracy has greatly improved without stretching the dough.
<Punch Rounder> You can easily adjust the firmness of the dough to determine the roundness and density unlike the conventional method.
This applies to frozen dough as well as highly fermented dough.



  • The maximum production is 2,500 pieces per hour per row. (For three rows, maximum is 7,500 pieces per hour)
  • Inspection and cleaning the machine is done easily due to its simple and unique design.
  • Even delicate, fermented dough can be rounded and degassed as if made by hand.
  • The sides of the dough become defined, making it a beautiful, consistent spherical shape even after the second molding.
  • It is possible to achieve a wide range of weights. (for example, 30-230g/80-400g)
  • Since the process is Stress Free, the rest time before the secondary molding can be reduced to 1/4 to 1/3 its regular time.
  • This equipment will help reduce cost while improving product quality (reduction of material cost and production time.)

Photo gallery

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  • English Bread
  • Petite Boule
  • Raisin Bread
  • bread roll
  • Baguette

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