Equipment introduction

V4-Twin Divider

■Double Lane Stress Free System.
Ideal for production of smaller products.

The “Twin Divider” accurately portions the dough sheet at a desired weight or length.


The Weighing System can either be one or two lanes.
This allows a wider portioning range from larger products by 1-lane to smaller products by 2-lane cutting. The machine is not only used as a divider, but can also be utilized as a component machine of an automated production line by adding secondary forming machines. The Stress Free System makes it easy to produce natural yeast breads and additive-free breads.

Excellent in Small Size Portioning
By having the 2-lane function, this equipment can produce a wider range of variety of shapes. The operator can easily adjust the shape of the required dough portion. The functions are endless.
* As a Dough Divider
An extensive variety of top-quality breads can be produced by manually forming the divided dough. Furthermore, it is extremely compact so required space is minimal.
* With a Rounder
In addition, you can connect the “Rounder” to the Twin Divider to automate round breads.
* As a “VM System” with a Molder
The V4-VM 250 can be connected so the process of dough dividing to molding can be fully automated. And by connecting the “Rounder”, it automatically rounds the divided dough to a Stress Free handmade quality.
* As a Forming Line with other Forming Machines.
You can produce a dynamic range of different products by combining the Twin Divider to Rheon’s other Forming Lines.

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